Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Happy Anniversary

1 Year!...Yes, for some it doesn't seem like a lot but it's 1 blessed year of many more to come.  My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary.  God has blessed us so much with our relationship and our home.  He has rewritten many wrongs and made them right and I praise Him every day for His countless blessings.

My family were all excited to hear what we did for our Anniversary.  We enjoyed being with each other but it's the same celebration as we do and feel every other day of the year.  Of course we made point of noting it's our 1 year and exchanged cards and googily comments but I strongly feel that every day of a marriage should be a blessing. 

Top 5 ways to keep Happiness in your Marriage:

1.  SEEK HIM first...the Lord.  He will direct your steps, make the crooked paths straight and shape your future.  He has a plan for you-seek Him and the rest will follow.
2.  PRAY for your spouse.
3.  SHOW your spouse every day that you love them.  Smile, hug one another, do even the smallest of tasks that will show you appreciate them.
4.  LAUGH....keep laughter in your relationship. 
5.  SPEAK love over your partner.  Speak positive thoughts and remarks about them, do not let the devil even get one inch in your relationship.

Stop and think when was the last time I did any of the above five towards your spouse?   What are your top 5 ways you keep Happiness in your Marriage?  Today is the day, celebrate with me and celebrate your marriage. 

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  1. Carry these 5 truths forward in your marriage and you will look back on many years of sweet wedded bliss - we're going on 36 years and it's never been better. Put God first and everything else will fall into place! Fall on your knees when things are falling apart but also when everything is going right - He will carry you through it all!
    Congratulations on this very special milestone!